Sunday, October 15, 2017

Today was a fairly relaxed day as most Sundays have been. Christmas shopping  hasn't quite started yet. I wake up and check my phone.  Some activity.  A local client wants a particular Gucci bag and a client in New Jersey wants me to check out BAPE kids-wear for her.

My trade report is due today.  It's a diary recollection of the last week of work noting new and regular clients, appointments and sales I had last week.  It was an amazing week for me as I met at least 7 new clients, all whom are lovely and said they will be back.  Those are the best kinds of clients!

My regular lovely client Mark came to see me about a Hallowe'en costume he was purchasing, and to tell me about the finishing accessories on his outfit. We talk over a crisp glass of pink champagne. Now Mark usually is wearing Dior couture, Dries Van Noten, Ann Demeulemeester or some luxury brand so a costume suit cut of polyester fabric is a bit off-putting to him.  "Does it fit nice?"  "Yes Mark, I promise these are quality costume suits, and besides, you make anything look good!"

After calling the tailor to take up the hem a bit to make way for a "flash of orange sock", we head back to the lounge to say goodbye.  Not before stopping in Saint Laurent though, and trying on a long wool coat with low placed belt, giving the jacket a slight samurai/kimono look.  "I quite like this", says Mark.  "It's a contender with the Dior coat I have on hold."


After Mark leaves I wait around for a new client coming in for an evening wedding dinner dress.  But not before I whiz down to Cristofle and Waterford to choose a whiskey decanter and four crystal glasses for a client's father's 55th.  Yes, I'm even a crystal and china specialist. ;)


For my social media posts of the day I decided to highlight the Italian designer philosophy di lorenzo serafini, a romantic luxury clothing brand designing fairy tale pieces that fit like a dream and are surprisingly affordable.  If you are a tall person who enjoys a full length frock in exquisite fabrics and finishings, this brand is for you.  Get in touch with me to be styled in this brand for your next big event.  Would be an amazing wedding dress or special occasion dress.


I have a few minutes on my break so I whiz to the Laura Mercier counter and buy a sugar skin scrub that smells so good I was to eat it.  I will appreciate this body scrub so much in the shower after these long days of's great to pamper and unwind from the busy day.

Charity Shop Finds


"One man's junk is another man's treasure." You have probably heard this saying before and it seems to hold great merit; charity shops are a great way to find one off items, things you wouldn't necessarily see in a shop and often for way less than you would pay for in a regular store. 

There are many reasons to shop in a charity shop for fashion. One obvious reason is to save money, you might be into vintage fashion and one-off pieces, you might like to recycle and not partake in fast fashion, or you might like giving your money to charity.

I would in courage each and everyone of you who are reading this to take a quick peek in a charity shop next time you should pass…you never know what treasure awaits you!


What is the best deal/fashion piece you have ever found? Write in the comments below! 

Tips to prepare your wardrobe for Autumn!

We are soon approaching the end of summer, and soon we will be dragging out our autumn/winter boxes down from storage and swapping out our spring/summer clothes. What should you put away? What should you keep? There are sure to still be very sunny days in London in the weeks to come so you don't want to be stuck with heavy knits and dark colours!

Start now by taking a look at your wardrobe and do a simple rearrangement of garments. Here you see my wardrobe before I have organised. Everything has sort of been thrown back after washing and nothing has any order, I have summer garments mixed in with winter garments, etc.

Unorganised closet...


Start by organising by length and colour, grouping summer items together (bold prints, light fabrics) and Autumn items (warmer fabrics, longer lengths of sleeves). This will make it easier for you to box up summer items quickly once you REALLY decide summer is over. For me, I will opt to make the official swapover mid-Sept unless a heatwave should pass thru.  

Voila! Organised and easy to see what should stay, what should go.


Feeling like your wardrobe  is lacking a few bits to transition you from summer to autumn? Give me a shout under the bookings tab and I can have a personal styling appointment with you at Selfridge's.  I cater to any budget, any age, male or female, and there is no obligation to buy! See you soon. ;)

New Fashion Blog/Website

Today is a bittersweet day for me as I lay to rest a couple of projects I have worked on in the past to make room for something completely fresh and new. This website "" is a compilation of all my fashion work to date since I moved to London in 2011 with a dream to become a fashion stylist. Biggest love to my soul sister Lucinda who helped me put together this next project! I'm excited to share all my fashion adventures with the world again! X