Finding stylish clothes to wear can be an exhausting experience!  I have extensive education and experience in styling women and men of all ages. Do any of the following statements sound like you?

1. You don't know what to look for when they go clothing shopping, and cannot find anything that "suits"?

2. You don't have time or find shops overwhelming.  Perhaps you are a young mum who only get a few precious hours away to sort their wardrobes for the next season, or a working professional who want efficiency when shopping.

3. You have experienced a change in your body due to weight gain/loss and no longer know what size you are or what suits.

4. You don't follow fashion trends from season to season but still wish to look good.

5. You can't say what your personal style exactly is and would like to understand what designers, fabrics and shapes flatter you.

6. You have a passion for fashion and are interested in collaborating with other professionals for advice, experience and recommendations to maximise their wardrobe purchases from season to season.

7. You realise that sourcing your items in the U.K. can save you  money on luxury items or have access to brands and items not available in their own home country.  

Book an appointment with me to curate a new wardrobe, mix and style garments from existing pieces in your wardrobe, or find that perfect party outfit!  I will give you tips and information tailored to you personally so you leave with a firm understanding about the pieces we choose and how to make the most out of your investment.

Prior to our appointment you will have the opportunity for a pre-consultant by phone/text/email which will assist me in defining your style wants and needs.  It is up to you if you want to consult before we meet. There is no obligation to purchase anything and no minimum spend.

My client portfolio is worldwide so please get in touch wherever you are, I am able to ship items from the UK tax-free at point of sale.

I look forward to meeting and styling you! - Cynthia

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