“I had a wonderful shopping experience with Cynthia she is patient and enthusiastic. I was struggling with the colours of my new handbag, and she helped me with that. She was right because my friends agreed with her choice as soon as they saw me with my new bag!”

Cathy J.

“Cynthia is so friendly and helpful! Her suggestions were astute, appropriate and appreciated. Through her guidance the afternoon was a lot of fun, nothing was too much trouble for her and items were delivered exactly when specified. I would recommend her services to anyone!”

Maggie M.

“Cynthia has a great knowledge of fashion and taste and chose an item to go with my much more expensive outfit – perfect and just what I had hoped she would source. Cynthia has seen us three times and we bought 4 dresses we would have never found and I would have gone to another shop altogether. The service was fantastic – Cynthia’s styling was spot on for an 18, 24 and 56 year old! Saved us so much time and she was price sensitive. I will be back to see Cynthia again!”

Joanna M.

“I wish I had had a personal shopper like Cynthia earlier as initially when I bought my suit there was no sense of cohesion around the ability to shop and find the various brands that suited me and my needs. I would have been much more efficient had I known about the personal shopping experience earlier!”

Johan S.
United States

“It was a joy being looked after by Cynthia, she truly made my visit! She was a dream to run around the store with!”
Poppy D

“I would like to thank Cynthia for the most marvelous help and attention. She is always prepared to go the extra mile to get things done and was of much help to me and my sister!”

Mark H.

“Very helpful and quick to process order, appreciate the quick help and ease of transaction. Perfect customer service.”

Ingrid A.
Los Angeles, California