"A huge shout out for Cynthia, who is an amazing personal shopper and stylist. We had a fantastic day together and now I have a great new wardrobe thanks to her. She has an impeccable approach to customer service, is very attentive, super fun and could not be more helpful all around! Cynthia - I am your client for life! Can’t wait for our next get together" - Bojana R., London (October 2017)


"Cynthia is always incredibly helpful.  I only shop with her!  She sends me fashion ideas and is always able to hunt them down the items I love in my size" - Jacquie K., New York, United States of America (October 2017)

"It is always a pleasure shopping with Cynthia, she makes everything very easy and simple.  I really appreciate her being very quick with her responses to my text messages.  I love the way she goes above and beyond getting me the items I am looking for, whether its offering me the item in a different colour or locating it for me from a different store." - Michelle S., New Jersey, United States of America (October 2017)

"The assistance I received was fantastic. I purchased exactly what I was looking for, a special purchase that I am thrilled with, in under an hour.  I could not have been happier with the level of service from Cynthia.  I have considerable experience of personal shopping and this was honestly the best.  She fulfilled a very difficult brief to perfection in an hour.  Cynthia was well prepared in terms of pre-preparation of me, the brief on the occasion I was shopping for, knowledge of appropriate designers and options within the store.  Importantly, at the same time, I found her approachable, sensitive and adaptable during the shopping experience so that our time was incredibly productive and I feel that I found very special pieces but in a short time.  I really cannot believe we did it.  I would be happy to  talk to someone to provide more feedback, as I cannot praise Cynthia enough!" - Karen B., London (October 2017)

"Was just an amazing experience from beginning to end and we found exactly what we were looking for. Cynthia has a great eye plus honesty in the garments selected.  We came away so pleased." - Mark W., Northamptonshire, England (September 2017)

"Cynthia is great and knows the brands really well, she always know what brands will suit me and my budget." - Eugenie G. Lisbon, Portugal (September 2017)

"Cynthia was a huge help to me as I was looking for something really specific.  She was helpful, knowledgable and nothing was too much trouble!  She knew exactly which departments and designers I'd need to find what I was looking for.  She went out of her way to help me and made my shopping experience finding a bridal outfit a very memorable one.  She was fantastic." - Katherine R., Cornwall, United Kingdom (September 2017)

"It was literally the most efficient shopping experience of my life. In under three hours I had what I needed and Cynthia was a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend. It was fun!" - Erica R., London (August 2017)

"Cynthia was a dream to work with.  She got my style immediately and knew her designers like the back of her hand.  Nothing was too much trouble and she was a joy to work with.  I couldn't recommend her highly enough.  Like having a really cool best friend with exquisite taste who knows what looks good and what doesn't.  Except better!" - Tracey C. London, United Kingdom (July 2017)

"Cynthia was amazing and efficient.  I told her what I was looking for and within 5 minutes she found me the perfect gift!" - Mahi I., London, United Kingdom (June 2017)

"Cynthia is really good! She helped me refresh my wardrobe after my second baby and she made me try clothes I wouldn't normally try and they have given my wardrobe a lot more style and variety." - Neeti Jain, Hong Kong (March 2017)

“I would like to thank Cynthia for the most marvelous help and attention. She is always prepared to go the extra mile to get things done and was of much help to me and my sister!” - Mark Harvey, London, United Kingdom (February 2017)

“I had a wonderful shopping experience with Cynthia, she is patient and enthusiastic. I was struggling with the colours of my new handbag, and she helped me with that. She was right because my friends agreed with her choice as soon as they saw me with my new bag!” -Cathy J., London, United Kingdom (January, 2017)

“Cynthia is so friendly and helpful! Her suggestions were astute, appropriate and appreciated. Through her guidance the afternoon was a lot of fun, nothing was too much trouble for her and items were delivered exactly when specified. I would recommend her services to anyone!” - Maggie M., London, United Kingdom (December 2016)

“It was a joy being looked after by Cynthia, she truly made my visit! She was a dream to run around the store with!” -Poppy D, London, United Kingdom (December 2016)

“Cynthia has a great knowledge of fashion and taste and chose an item to go with my much more expensive outfit – perfect and just what I had hoped she would source. Cynthia has seen us three times and we bought 4 dresses we would have never found. The service was fantastic – Cynthia’s styling was spot on for an 18, 24 and 56 year old! Saved us so much time and she was price sensitive. I will be back to see Cynthia again!” -Joanna M., London, United Kingdom (November 2016)

“I wish I had a personal shopper like Cynthia earlier as initially when I bought my suit there was no sense of cohesion around the ability to shop and find the various brands that suited me and my needs. I would have been much more efficient had I known about the personal shopping experience earlier!”Johan S., New York, United States (November 2016)